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Inovonics Releases New RDS Encoder(2)

Also adds AM reference receiver/mod monitor.

Inovonics has released the Model 720 RDS/RBDS dynamic RadioData encoder and Model 525 AM reference receiver and mod monitor.

Features of the 720 include a front-panel LCD screen that lets the user scroll through and confirm setup and operating parameters without a computer on site. Incoming data from station automation can be seen on the fly, and scrolling song titles and other messages are displayed as they are seen by listeners.

The 720 automation command set remains compatible with earlier models for integration along existing encoders, and a new No Headers mode allows use with unformatted, satellite-streamed song title feeds.

Model 525 is a frequency-agile wideband AM-broadcast receiver that uses a linear phase-locked detector to provide off-air measurements of AM carrier modulation. Highlights include the ability to resolve the amplitude-modulation component of the station’s carrier during IBOC “Hybrid Digital” broadcast operation.

Positive and negative carrier modulation are shown simultaneously on a high-resolution LCD display. This also can be switched to provide a readout of received signal strength and asynchronous noise, two parameters that can influence the modulation reading, according to Inovonics.

Additional features of the 525 include five station presets, two sets of peak flashers and remote “tally” alarm outputs for overmodulation, carrier loss and program audio loss. A weatherproof outdoor loop antenna also is included.