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Inovonics Updates Modulation Analyzer

Inovonics Updates Modulation Analyzer
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The Model 531 Modulation Analyzer from Inovonics has a new design and incorporates new capabilities, such as digitally synthesized tuning, digital alarm presets and built-in subcarrier measurement.
The Model 531 gives a readout of the incidental AM component of the off-air signal. A front-panel headphone jack monitors the noise to help correlate the reading with program material.
Carrier modulation is shown in steps of 1 percent, from 50 to 120 percent, with the highest peak value held above the dynamic total modulation display. The Model 531 also has front-panel multipath and signal strength indicators.


Inovonics Debuts BandScanner

Inovonics is introducing its BandScanner, an FM scanning receiver that plugs into the USB port of any PC. Supplied Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band, logging every carrier and generating a spectrum display of carrier level vs. frequency. Stations with an RBDS presence may be analyzed in additional detail.