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Inovonics Upgrades David IV Firmware

Substantial update contains tweaks for the AGC, “Multipressor” and PIPP final limter

Inovonics has released new firmware for its David IV broadcast audio processor. Rev 3 is a free update.

According to Inovonics improvements in the new firmware include better AGC performance; an improved five-band “Multipressor:” a reworked PIPP final limiter; the addition of a test tone; 25 new presets and additions to Spanish- and Portuguese-language menus.

The company says that the AGC tweak should deliver “a more consistent program level to subsequent processing stages and reduces the time for processing to adapt when levels and sources change abruptly.”

Specifically addressing the “Multipressor,” Inovonics says that it “allows expanded control over both equalization and dynamics settings: band crossover points are now under user control, as are attack and release timings for each band. This allows the advanced audio or station engineer to tweak factory presets for more specific format requirements.”

For the PIPP final limiter, the company says its limiter “and adaptive pre-emphasis algorithm have also been reworked to eliminate output overshoots frequently triggered by ‘problem’ program material, and tighter peak control yields a less-fatiguing sound that’s more listenable over longer periods.”