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Inside the March 28, 2018 Issue of Radio World

Featuring a preview of NAB Show Tech & Podcasting sessions

What’s next for the broadcast industry? From blockchain and 5G …. to the next steps for AoIP, car dashboards and all-digital FM … We continue our preview coverage of NAB Show, including a Q&A with Randy Gravley, who chairs the Radio Board of the NAB and is president/CEO of Tri State Communications.

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Will Class C4 Idea Move to Front Burner?

The FCC’s expected exploration of establishing a new class of FM stations is gaining attention from many corners, including the National Association of Broadcasters — which, to the surprise of some observers, is resisting the move. There’s no doubt many Class A FM owners would love a chance to double their power level from 6 kW to 12, experts say. But NAB and others worry that the move would create further interference challenges in an increasingly crowded band. 


NAB to Detail All-Digital FM Field Test Data

A highlight of the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference will be NAB Pilot’s “All-Digital FM Field Test Project” on April 8. The presentation promises a deep dive of results from the first extensive field testing of such service. Until now only limited field testing of all-digital HD Radio has been conducted, with low transmit power (100 watts) and reception equipment in non-real world test conditions.