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Interep Releases Report on ‘Hip-Hop Lifestyle’

Interep Releases Report on 'Hip-Hop Lifestyle'

Interep Research released an updated report on “The Hip-Hop Lifestyle.”
It concludes that hip-hop music is a powerful urban genre that transcends ethnic and economic backgrounds, and influences millions of dollars in spending among a culturally diverse youth market.
According to Edison Media Research, 12-24-year-olds prefer hip-hop and rap to other styles of music.
“Hip-hop is a lifestyle of youth…hip-hop, like rock-and-roll before it, is a musical phenomenon that kids can call their own. Hip-hop has inspired an entire youth group to embrace its language, fashion and lifestyle,” said the report.
Clothing styles, athletic shoes, electronics and entertainment have felt the genre’s influence, with hip-hop followers – part of the “Urban Mindset” market – representing 100 million consumers with $300 billion in buying power.
Additional findings:
* In 2003, hip-hop music generated $3 billion in record sales, accounting for 25 percent of U.S. record sales.
* Hip-hop is one of the fastest growing radio formats. In 1993, only six U.S. stations played primarily hip-hop/rap. Today, that number is 150.
* Since 1999, listening to hip-hop radio stations among adults 18-34 has doubled, from an 8 percent share to a 19.5 percent share in 2003.
* A hip-hop station now ranks in the top 5 stations for A18-34 in every top 10 market.
* One out of two listeners have attended some college or more; one out of two listeners have household incomes of $50,000+; two out of five own a residence.