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Internet Media Group Holds First Meeting Today

Hopes to encourage open standards and device profiles

If you’re at the CES show in Las Vegas reading this, you may want to note that the Internet Media Device Alliance is having its first meetings today, Jan. 9.

This new group’s mission is “to develop and promote a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles to maximize the growth of a global consumer market in internet-connected media devices.”

At first glance, for radio broadcasters that means Internet radios and streaming. In the long run it could morph into involvement with any kind of mobile media platform.

Currently heavily dominated by U.K.-based members, the IMDA hopes to branch out. Founding corporate members include the BBC, Frontier Silicon, Reciva, Revo, Orange (France Telecom) and vTuner. The IMDA is an industry association that any serious broadcaster needs to be know about.