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IPAWS Webinar Planned for Three Unique Systems

Alert FM, SOCIFI and Safety Labs will explain their IPAWS integration

Three specialized alerting system companies are the focus of a webinar next week to be hosted by the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

On March 15 the IPAWS Unique Alerting System Webinar will offer demonstrations from vendors SOCIFI, Safety Labs and Alert FM.

Some context: On the list of alert dissemination channels that can receive CAP messages from the IPAWS, these systems fall under a category called “State/Local Unique Alerting Systems,” a grouping that also includes RDS, signage, sirens and other specialized platforms. (Other more-familiar categories include EAS, WEA, NOAA and internet services.)

The webinar will be broken up into three 20-minute segments with each company demonstrating its product’s integration with IPAWS and its ability to pull an alert from the IPAWS Alert Feed. Mark Lucero, IPAWS chief engineer, will host.

Users can log in to participate in the webinar by clicking on this link. To access closed captioning services, click this link and use the event number 3212856.

An audio version of the webinar will be available by phone by calling 1-650-479-3207 and using the access code 664 660 868. The webinar will also be recorded for future viewing.

The IPAWS Unique Alerting System Webinar is scheduled for March 15 at 12 p.m. ET.