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IPUMP Stores Regional Commercials for Network Broadcasters

IPUMP Stores Regional Commercials for Network Broadcasters

Wegener Corporation demonstrated the IPUMP at NAB. It is an integrated satellite receiver and media server that manages the insertion of digital video and audio content at television, radio and other commercial receive locations.
Broadcasters and cable programmers can transmit and store local, regional and national commercials in the IPUMP and insert those commercials into the programming at the appropriate time in the appropriate markets. It eliminates routing tapes or inefficiencies of playing regional commercials to national markets
Applications for the IPUMP include regional ad insertion, training and point-of-presence displays. For example, the IPUMP allows training videos to be downloaded and replayed at the convenience of the employee.
The IPUMP includes a QPSK L-band satellite frequency tuner and transport decoder. The digitally compressed signal is stored on a scalable hard drive within the receiver. The outputs are either analog or digital depending upon the application. Length of storage is determined by the size of the hard disk drive selected. A standard HDD interface is included for swapping to larger disk drives.
For more information, contact Wegener Communications at (770) 814-4000 or visit them on the Web at
– Paul Cogan