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Iraq Tops 2003 News List

Iraq Tops 2003 News List

How many of the top news stories of each of the past 10 years can you guess? At the Associated Press, the invasion and occupation of Iraq were voted the top story of this year in a survey of American editors and news directors. It was first place on 280 of 287 ballots from AP newspaper and broadcast members. The year’s top stories, followed by the top stories of the past decade:

1 – War in Iraq
2 – Columbia disaster
3- California recall
4 – SARS
5 – The Northeast Blackout
6- The improving economy
7 – California wildfires
8 – The Bush tax cut
9 – Elizabeth Smart
10- The Democratic Campaign

2002: Threats of war and disarmament demands targeted at Saddam Hussein
2001: Sept. 11 terrorist attacks
2000: The protracted Bush/Gore presidential election
1999: The Clinton Senate impeachment trial and acquittal
1998: The sex scandal linking Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
1997: The death of Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris
1996: The deadly explosion of a Paris-bound TWA jet over Long Island
1995: The bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City
1994: The O.J. Simpson trial
1993: Flooding in the midwestern United States