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Is Higher Radio Tier On the Horizon?

Is Higher Radio Tier On the Horizon?

FCC Chairman Michael Powell told Reuters that one of the radio ownership proposals being considered as the agency heads towards a vote next week would be to create a higher tier for the largest markets and allow one company to own up to 10 stations in a market when there are at least 60 stations remaining. Currently, a company can own up to 8 stations in a market as long as there are 45 remaining stations.
NAB is not lobbying for the local radio ownership limits to change and most analysts predict they’ll remain static.
Powell also told the newswire the agency is stumped over how to redefine the radio market. When it issued its NPRM on radio ownership the FCC asked whether using Arbitron Radio Metros would be appropriate. Many commenters on the subject have pointed out to the commission that Arbitron doesn’t rate all markets so there would need to be an alternative measurement for those cases. Powell told Reuters he prefers a geography-based definition.