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Is Radio Losing Its Portability Among Youth?; HD-R Awareness ‘Vague’

Is Radio Losing Its Portability Among Youth?; HD-R Awareness ‘Vague’

The term “radio” incorporates traditional radio, streaming and satellite, according to consumers in six focus groups conducted by Jacobs Media on new technology. The study was conducted this fall for Arbitron as it starts to think about how to add more types of radio listening to its diary.
Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media, said there were more negatives than positives when participants were asked about traditional radio, but one portion of the answers surprised him: Younger listeners, ages 18-34, don’t think of radio as portable.
“When’s the last time you saw an 18-34 year-old carrying a Walkman?” he asked attendees of Arbitron’s annual program consultant meeting held in Columbia, Md. this week. “They think radio is tethered to the car and the nightstand.”
There are signs of iPod fatigue setting in, according to this study. Some participants said initially they spent a lot of time with their iPods, but now they don’t. Overall though, the product category still is getting a lot of buzz, Jacobs said.
How did awareness of HD Radio score?
Even in Detroit, awareness of HD Radio was “vague,” said Jacobs. “Some people associate it with HDTV.” He also noted confusion with RDS, noting that some people think they have HD Radio when they see an RDS text display on their radio.