Is the 'S Word' Profane?

Is the 'S Word' Profane?
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Indecency in the news again; Reuters, among others, reports regulators plan to issue decisions soon in about 40 cases involving complaints against broadcasters, quoting a source close to the matter and stating that the four letter "S-word" may be ruled as profane and indecent in certain contexts, as the "F-word" is.
The Washington Post reported earlier the FCC is set to issue several broadcast indecency fines. One action the agency is expected to announce is that it will uphold the 2004 decision to fine CBS TV stations a total of $550,000 for the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl display.


Appeals Court Throws Out FCC Profanity Ruling

There was much industry discussion this week after a ruling by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, which went against the FCC’s policy of fining broadcast stations and networks for airing profanities.