iSeeRadio Pitches as NTR Generator

iSeeRadio Pitches as NTR Generator
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iSeeRadio is at this week's RAB convention in Dallas, showing IP broadcasting and advertising products. The company is part of Continental Vista Broadcasting Group Inc. It said iSeeRadio enables radio stations to broadcast live interactive video and audio through a customizable media player.
The system's advertising features include sponsorship banners; interactive ads in Flash, static or video formats; ads targeted by demographics or geography; and e-commerce.


R&S Adds Generator Option

The option, available for the SMU200A, SMJ100A, SMATE200A and AMU200A, enables users to generate signals for all conventional mobile radio standards — as well as for GPS, DAB, DVB-H and T-DMB — with a single device.

Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

The SFE100 test transmitter is a single-standard instrument designed for production applications. The compact SFE broadcast tester is a multi-standard generator for applications in the lab, field or factory. The multistandard SFU broadcast test system offers comprehensive simulation and analysis functions.