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‘It Means My Voice’

Hear the winning PSA in Freedom of Speech campaign
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Caitlin Johnson of Rowan University took top honors when the NAB Education Foundation and the Broadcast Education Association announced winners of the annual Freedom of Speech public service announcement competition for college communications students.

You can hear the spot here.

Caitlin Johnson by NB Pro Audio

“What does freedom of speech mean to me?” the PSA asks, and then we hear voices answering the question: “It means I can build a mosque and worship there.” “It means I don’t have to stay silent when I’m wronged.” “It means I can fight for the right to marry.” “It means I can write about how I feel about my elected officials, good or bad.” “It means I can spread the gospel of Christ.”

Winning PSAs are at www.freedomofspeechpsa.org and will be posted by NAB for download July 15.

First-place radio and TV winners will be recognized at a Society of Professional Journalists conference in New Orleans in September.

Some 100 communications students competed in the contest calling for 30-second spots.


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