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It’s the Real Thing: Studio Promotes Field Work for Coke

It's the Real Thing: Studio Promotes Field Work for Coke

Sound Lounge Radio took a crew into a Big Apple supermarket at 22nd and Park Avenues to record a radio commercial for Coke. The studio used the project to tout its ability to produce radio ads on location “to improve realism and make spots that are more fun.”
Ad Agency Berlin Cameron/Red Cell created the idea for the :30 ad which promotes Coke as the official soft drink of NASCAR. It features two NASCAR fans who drive shopping carts like stock car drivers in a frenzy through the supermarket.
“The actors wore wireless mikes, while Sound Lounge Radio Executive Producer Gregg Singer ran alongside them with a boom to capture ambient sounds of the carts and the supermarket environment,” the studio stated. Seth Phillips was recording engineer.
The studio promotes its ability to record on location using a portable ProTools system. The company did an earlier Coke spot at Grand Central Station and ads for Nike in Central Park. You can hear the spot at, in a folder named “Sound Lounge,” a subfolder of “Anonymous.”