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Items Set for May FCC Meeting

Commission to address translator interference and the posting of station license info

At its May meeting, the Federal Communications Commission plans to address two key media initiatives via formal Notices of Proposed Rulemaking: one regards FM translator interference; the other regards amending rules on how and where station license information is posted.

As part of Media Bureau Docket No. 18-119, the commission plans to consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would streamline rules relating to interference caused by FM translators. The rulemaking would also expedite the process for resolving translator interference complaints.

The commission also plans to continue its media modernization efforts by amending certain sections of the rules surrounding the posting of Station Licenses and Related Information (part Media Bureau Docket No. 18-121 and No. 17-105).

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In this proposed rulemaking, the commission is seeking comment on whether to streamline or eliminate certain rules that relate to the physical posting and maintenance of broadcast licenses and related information in specific locations.

Another nonbroadcast-related Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is also on the schedule. This item will address the use of 2.5 GHz spectrum for educational broadband service (EBS) licensees and will consider new opportunities for others to access unused portions of the band. During the meeting, the commission will also consider a hearing designation and an enforcement matter.

This month’s meeting is set for Thursday May 10 at 10:30 am. The webcast can be viewed at

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