ITU: 'We Think We Like AM IBOC'

ITU: 'We Think We Like AM IBOC'
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The International Telecommunication Union, a standards-setting body, has issued a draft recommendation to its members endorsing iBiquity Digital Corp. and Digital Radio Mondiale's AM system for in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting. The ITU said the IBOC system met its DAB standard in the bands below 30 MHz. The draft endorsement followed extensive testing. It now goes to the ITU's 189 member countries for review.
iBiquity and Digital Radio Mondiale hope to get their system approved as a worldwide standard for AM IBOC for licensing purposes.
Leslie Stimson


Editorial: AM IBOC in Distress?

Some people predicted an “IBOCalypse” when AM HD operations went full-time on Sept. 14. The band would drown in a sea of digital hash, digital doomsdayers warned. It didn’t happen, at least not yet. But there is plenty to worry about on the AM IBOC front. First, let’s all agree that not enough stations have been