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ITU Approves New Audio Broadcasting Standards

Open standards seek to provide immersive audio experience

ITU has announced that it has approved Recommendation ITU-R BS.2088-0, open standards aimed to deliver advanced sound for broadcasting services.

Based on existing RIFF/WAV file formats, the new standards facilitate the production and exchange of advanced audio files by allowing a single file to carry a complete audio program containing audio samples as well as metadata for any combination of object, channel and scene-based audio, explains the organization.

The aim of all of this is immersive audio for a more life-like experience. With the technical capabilities of these standards, viewers will be able to adjust the level of immersive audio. This is made possible by “object based coding,” which allows listeners to personalize the listening experience at the point of consumption, including setting language and dialogue levels and selecting different aspects or sections of programming.

ITU is the United Nations agency for information and communications technology.