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ITU Calls Out Jammers at WRC-12

U.S. government-supported broadcasters are pleased

The U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau is pleased with an action by the International Telecommunication Union.

ITU called for countries to act to stop intentional interference with satellite transmissions. The action was approved at the World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva.

IBB Director Richard M. Lobo said in a statement, “It remains to be seen whether Iran, Syria and other countries which interfere with international satellite communications will change their practices. Jamming is a fundamental violation, not only of international regulations and norms, but of the right of people everywhere to receive and impart information.”

In addition to U.S. international broadcasts, the interference affects the British Broadcasting Corp., RFI and France 24 TV and Deutsche Welle. Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the European Broadcasting Union supported the ITU action at the WRC-12 conference.

Proponents believe international satellite TV programs in Persian and Arabic carried by Eutelsat and Arabsat have been jammed by signals from Iran and Syria.

Broadcasters Complain About Iran’s Signal Jamming (Feb. 2012)