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iTVmediaCenter Adds Audio Features

Offerings include BBC Radio, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Xbox Music, many streamers

An over-the-top Internet TV platform has added a series of audio offerings to its menu in an attempt to broaden its appeal and use.

Developed by BitMar Networks, the company announced that iTVmediaCenter can now access audio sources “such as Pandora, Slacker, Xbox Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, BBC Radio, Rhapsody, among others.”

BitMar Networks President and CEO, Jonathan Rodriguez said, “The expansion into radio was not just a wise decision, but mostly a necessity. The new iTVmediaCenter radio capabilities will serve a need that the platform was not fulfilling for music lovers. Media comes in all sizes, formats and flavors. And the original concept behind iTVmediaCenter was to be able to provide it all in a single place.”