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Jacapps and XAPPmedia Make JAX

New audio service for apps created

Jacobs Media’s app-making arm, jacapps, and digital advertising service XAPPmedia have teamed up to create an ad service for use with jacapps-developed apps.

Called JAX, it integrates XAPPmedia’s Interactive Audio Ad Service within the jacapps platform for use by the company’s app clients. Furthermore, according to a release, it is voice activated. “The simple voice-activated engagement is driving conversion rates more than five times higher than mobile banner ads while providing a more natural user experience.”

Jacapps President Paul Jacobs said, “When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad … willingly? Banner ads are ineffective and deliver low CPMs. Radio broadcasters with mobile apps need more effective ad formats to monetize digital content, and providing listeners the ability to launch a website, call an advertiser or download an audio file to their phone with simple voice activation is a great leap forward.”

XAPPmedia Senior Vice President Lisa Namerow said, “It’s imperative for radio broadcasters to have the tools and guidance to build mobile audiences and generate new revenue sources. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium price for XAPP ads because they deliver high consumer engagement rates on mobile.”