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Jacapps Revs the V4

App builder “re-architects” its platform

Jacapps, the radio station app-building arm of Jacobs Media, has announced that it is moving to a new version of its mobile app-building platform.

According to a release, V4 is “completely re-architected,” and the new design will bring “together streaming, podcasts, video, content feeds, social media and user-generated content.”

COO Bob Kernen said, “We understand that station interactions with their audiences have become more multifaceted than just a one-way ‘broadcast’ … We believe this new app platform truly embraces that next level relationship that goes beyond the stream to address total engagement.”

Jacapps President, Paul Jacobs said, “The V4 is so advanced that no two apps should look the same.” He added that the new modular design should make it simpler to change the app to reflect a new station logo or additional content changes.

The release also says that “the V4 platform has improved social media integration so users can interact without leaving the app. Users can also submit audio, video and photos to the station with just a tap, creating a new source of content for stations’ on-air and digital efforts.”

An introductory webinar is planned by jacapps for Sept. 16, 2 p.m.