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JacAPPS Upgrades App Platform

Version 3 offers more real estate and social content interfaces

App specialist jacAPPS, part of broadcast market consultant Jacobs Media, has announced an upgrade to its basic app foundation. JacAPPS makes apps for radio stations to provide to their listeners to listen to the station and participate in promoted activities such as contests.

Version 3 of the platform is designed with the larger screens of the latest generation of smartphones (and tablets) in mind and allows an increase in “desktop” real estate. It also has added social tools to interface with Facebook and Twitter.

On a more specialized note, there is a revenue sharing option via Verve Wireless and push messaging from Urban Airship. Album and other art can more easily be handled as well. V3 is available for Android and iPhone platforms.

JacAPPS Vice President/General Manager Paul Jacobs said, “Radio is fighting against pureplay providers like Pandora and Spotify, so we’ve got to be on top of our game. Mobile is a fluid space, and we are committed to helping radio stations capture that dynamism and compete successfully.

“Radio station brands are more than just their stream. They engage with audiences through multiple channels. And the V3 app enables time-shifting, social communication and sharing.”

Jacobs said the app provides expandability as well as a revenue component, push messaging and the ability to be updated without going through an approval process.