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Jackfm2 Oxford Lets Users Build Playlists

Debuts true user-controlled format

Since the end of October, listeners in Oxfordshire, England, can have been able to log on to and build broadcast playlists from scratch. According to Yahoo! Finance, this is a first for the radio industry in the United Kingdom.

The station uses technology from LDR.Takeover to create the playlists — listeners click “like” or “dislike” to change a song’s order in the queue. The website also enables listeners to dedicate songs and send alerts of these messages via social media.

“We’ve consistently seen exceptional increases in ratings, revenue and Web traffic on stations that take an interactive approach to their programming using LDR’s technology,” said LDR Interactive CEO Daniel Anstandig. “Jackfm2’s expanded use of LDR technology sets a new precedent for the way that audiences and broadcasters can work together to transform a radio station into an interactive community.”

Jack2’s tagline is “Control the music!”