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Jacobs Media: Mall HD-R Kiosks Would Increase Awareness

Paul Jacobs said there’s a lot of confusion about HD Radio.

Jacobs Media doesn’t see the “HD Radio awareness” needle moving since last year.

As part of its Tech Poll IV, now on its Web site, the rock consultancy says it asked about barriers to purchasing an HD Radio. Some 40% of respondents “don’t know enough about it” and 37% said the “radios are too expensive.”

Speaking to public radio engineers last week in Vegas and providing an early peek at the findings, company GM Paul Jacobs said there’s a lot of confusion about HD Radio and stations need to invest more effort in multicast formats that will differentiate their station — and create word of mouth. In turn, that might help move HD Radios.

Another suggestion to raise awareness from Jacobs Media is to place HD-R kiosks in malls to help consumers hear the extra channels on different HD Radio receivers.

The mall presence created buzz for the satellite radio companies, why not use it for HD Radio? Would the members of the alliance or NAB fund this?