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James Carville, Luke Russert to Host Sports Talk Show for XM

James Carville, Luke Russert to Host Sports Talk Show for XM

Democratic political strategist, commentator and sports fan James Carville will co-host a sports talk program on XM Satellite Radio with Luke Russert, son of NBC’s Tim Russert.
“This show will be another opportunity for me to engage in the back-and-forth debates on sports that, until now, Luke and I have limited to the stadium,” said James Carville. “I talk about sports the same way I talk about politics, so it’s safe to assume that Luke will be wrong most of the time.”
The concept for the program was born from the heated exchanges between Carville and Russert during various Washington Nationals home games.
Luke Russert is currently a sophomore at Boston College while Carville is a political commentator for CNN and Democratic political strategist who emerged onto the national political scene after his consulting firm, Carville & Begala, helped elect President Bill Clinton in 1992.
Scheduled to debut in March 2006, the hour-long show will air weekly on XM. Additional program details will be announced before the show debuts.