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Jampro Antennas Aimed at HD Radio

Jampro Antennas Aimed at HD Radio

For those considering HD Radio, Jampro is offering its JMPC-HD and JSHD antenna systems.
The JMPC-HD is the medium-power version of the Penetrator antenna, and has been designed for use as a separate or interleaved antenna for HD Radio broadcast. Each circularly polarized bay consists of a radiating element with a 1-5/8-inch shunt feed line with a 10 kW maximum input. Multiple frequency design is also available.
The JSHD Dual Input HD antenna provides isolated and separate inputs for analog and digital
transmitters. This approach allows the digital transmitter to operate at its target power with no power lost in a reject load and no power reduction caused by lossy digital injectors. There is no single point failure that can take the antenna totally off the air. The system uses two separate and isolated RF paths, for redundancy. Either input could be used for analog or digital RF after considering power levels.
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