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RCS removes prospective security problem from Selector program

Automation software developer RCS has announced that it is removing the Java programming language from its Selector 15 scheduling program. Exploitable security weaknesses have become an issue with Java for many companies.

RCS President and CEO Philippe Generali said, “Java on client desktops has been problematic for some time.”

He noted that RCS has not used Java for its other platforms, “When it came time to design our next generation products like Zetta, GSelector, Aquira and RCSnews, we deployed more reliable technologies, which adhere to the security standards that our clients deserve. This move mops up a very small corner of our legacy scheduler immediately, rather than waiting for a Java fix that, according to some experts, might take two years.”

According to RCS, the amount of Java-written code in Selector 15 is a small part of the program and will be removed in an update.