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JazzWeek Charts Will Be Based on Monitored Signals

JazzWeek Charts Will Be Based on Monitored Signals

Jazz music charts could get a boost thanks to Mediaguide technology for tracking airplay.
Beginning in late summer, JazzWeek, which offers data and services to programmers, will use airplay charts compiled from electronically-monitored data from Frequency Media. JazzWeek publishes weekly charts of jazz and smooth jazz recordings played on stations in the United States and Canada.
“Because of Frequency Media’s automated airplay charts, radio stations will no longer have to manually prepare and submit airplay reports,” said Ed Trefzger, editor of JazzWeek. “Automating our charts with electronic airplay data will allow JazzWeek to focus on providing content for our readers, radio stations and the jazz industry.”
Frequency Media uses the monitoring technology of its parent company, Mediaguide, to monitor music as it is playing on 2,300 stations in 200 markets.