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Jelli Gives Broadcasters More Programmatic Tools

RadioDash 3.0 now provides real-time analytics for publishers

Jellihas released RadioDash 3.0, its real-time web dashboard for radio advertising.

The software provides insights into digital advertising for buyers and sellers of broadcast radio advertising, making it easier for radio to compete in the new space, according to the company. The dashboard delivers data such as when commercials aired and in what markets. The user can listen to playback on each station. Users can also export data to integrate and analyze return on investment.

RadioDash has included reporting and analytics for advertisers and agencies. Now, similar data is included for publishers.

“Radio has entered into the Age of Programmatic Advertising,” says Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty, adding that with the updates, publishers can now access the same analytics as programmatic advertisers, in turn streamlining the process for radio to tap into programmatic advertising spending.