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Jelli Goes Live In Las Vegas

Branded as FMs powered by ‘social web’

Jelli’s “social radio” platform has gone live 24/7 on two stations in Las Vegas.

Listeners to KYLI(FM) and KXLI(FM) can choose in real time every song that plays on the air via Jelli’s website or Jelli’s free iPhone app. Listeners vote songs up or down, deciding what will air next, choosing from a list of songs pre-selected by the station.

San Mateo, Calif.-based Jelli launched in 2009 and now has stations in 25+ markets — including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Francisco — using its services. The company says its system can drive strong ratings, performance and enhance time spent listening along with user engagement.

Jelli 96.7, labeling itself as “The New Beat of Las Vegas” (KYLI), plays Top 40 tracks, starting with a combination of current and remix versions of mainstream and rhythmic hits. Jelli 94.5, “100% User-Controlled Rock Radio” (KXLI) features alternative and modern rock music.

Jelli has a multiyear agreement with LKCM Radio Group and Aurora Media, the owners of KYLI and KXLI. LKCM Radio Group President Gerry Schlegel called Jelli’s social radio experience “revolutionary” and said the group looks “forward to creating a tight relationship with the listening community with these Jelli-formatted stations.”

Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty has told Radio World that many of the stations using Jelli do so in conjunction with their automation system, adding spontaneity to their programming. Jelli’s servers work with the station’s automation system to customize the music based on the station’s playlist.

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