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Jelli Launches SpotPlan

Demand and supply-side APIs released for platform integration

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Jelli has launched SpotPlan, a programmatic buying platform for radio advertising.

SpotPlan, says Jelli, gives media buyers and planners the ability to analyze audience goals and plan radio campaigns dynamically, using a Web-based application. It automates processes that are historically email or spreadsheet-based, and integrates with Jelli’s RadioSpot radio ad server. The result is, the company says, end-to-end automation of buying, running and reporting of radio ad campaigns. 

Jelli co-founder/CEO Mike Dougherty says for decades, the way network ads have been purchased for radio includes “inflexible network ‘vehicles’ and antiquated spreadsheets and email-driven processes.” SpotPlan bypasses those systems, he says, enabling media buyers to target audiences, buy optimized plans with dynamically generated lineups, and run ads automatically nationwide.

According to Jelli, an ad buyer sets parameters on SpotPlan against audience targets and campaign goals, creating advertising plans that include optimized station lineup, daypart, impressions and audience targets. SpotPlan uses algorithms in conjunction with Nielsen data to develop in real-time the best plan to achieve the goals of the buyer, based on the inventory currently available in Jelli’s platform, according to the company.

The company will also make available demand- and supply-side APIs that will allow third-party buying and selling software to tap directly into Jelli’s ad platform, enabling customers to buy and sell through RadioSpot from their in-house systems.