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Jelli Offers Android App

Also has a streamed station up for SXSW

Do you think that song rocks or sucks? Jelli users get to say so.

The California-based “social music service” likes to say its offerings “combine group listening with game mechanics, to make radio more social and fun.”

Now Jelli has rolled out an Android app. It is also available on iPhone and Facebook.

Features include a “rockometer,” in which users can tap “Rocks” or “Sucks” as a tune plays. The rockometer fluctuates; if enough people push “Sucks,” a song may be yanked.

Other features of the Android app include unlimited listening; a chat room; voting for what plays next; and “Rockets” that users can apply to give a favored song a boost. If other users vote the song on the air, the “rocketeer” gets an on-air callout.

Jelli says FM stations in 20 markets are playing its content live.

The company has also launched a curated, SXSW artist-themed, streaming radio station in conjunction with the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

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