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Jünger Levels OFM

On-air calls no longer uneven for South African station

South African station OFM, based in Bloemfontein in the center of the country, has used a Jünger Audio D06 Level Magic processor to handle phone-in interviews and listener call-ins. OFM’s signal covers much of the central region of South Africa.

OFM Technical Manager Jan Van Der Walt told the supplier: “One of our biggest technical challenges was the poor quality of the telephone conversations we were broadcasting… As almost all of our content is live, this became quite a problem. It was particularly noticeable when callers were using cell phones and were in areas of poor signal, but we also had problems with some fixed line calls where the position of the caller’s phone could influence the level of the incoming audio.”

He complimented the Jünger Audio D06 unit for its ability to work only with level and not process the audio.

Jünger Audio’s South African distributor Tru-Fi Electronics, based in Weltevreden Park, a suburb of Johannesburg, handled the sale.