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Jünger Offers Level Magic Line

Transient processing + peak limiting for continuous unattended control of program material.

Jünger Audio addresses the issue of level control with its Level Magic audio processors.

Level Magic uses an adaptive level control algorithm that provides processing of audio “spikes” or transients, plus peak limiting for maximum overall perceived level control.

Level Magic addresses “surprise” level changes that occur when switching from one source to another, or during live programming, such as play-by-play sporting events, when manual level control is difficult.

The company also offers the b40 series of digital audio processors. These units are programmable digital audio “toolboxes” that enable processing of up to four digital audio channels. The four signals can be level corrected for stereo or quad mixes, channel swapped and faded for level matching.

Info: U.S. distributor GMA at (818) 701-6201