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Jünger Partners with Audinate

Will integrate Dante IP Technology in product range

Jünger Audio is incorporating Audinate’s Dante digital media networking solution into its range of audio processing solutions.

The firm’s first device to feature Audinate’s Dante technology will be the V*AP two-channel voice processor. Adding audio network capabilities to the V*AP complements its consequent network approach on control, measurement and administration, explains Jünger. In combination with a Dante computer interface or the DVS Dante Virtual Soundcard software, the V*AP can act as a sophisticated frontend for any digital audio workstation (DAW) or video editing system, the company says.

The Dante interface solution will be released for the V*AP in the first quarter of 2014 and subsequently become available for all other Jünger Audio boxed products.

Built on existing networking protocols and standards, Audinate’s Dante technology is a plug-and-play networking solution, which delivers ultra-low latency, tightly synchronized media, while simplifying installation and configuration of digital media networks.

“We looked at all the audio over IP network solutions and found that the efficiency, ease of use, seamless integration and growing range of manufacturers supporting Dante made it the ideal choice for Jünger Audio,” said Peter Poers, CEO of Jünger Audio.

“As customers continue to demand and expect interoperability between devices, we believe that the adoption of Dante will allow us to provide all the functionality and flexibility that the Pro Audio community needs now, and positions us well for developing and introducing next generation audio products.”