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Joel and Hugh Share ‘Opie & Anthony’

Joel and Hugh Share ‘Opie & Anthony’

The stations where Opie & Anthony are being heard under CBS Radio’s new agreement with XM:

New York – WFNY 92.3
Dallas – KLLI 105.3
Philadelphia – WYSP 94.1
Boston – WBCN 104.1
Pittsburgh – WRKZ 93.7
Cleveland – WXRK 92.3
West Palm Beach – WPBZ 103.1

Starting today, CBS Radio will broadcast a three-hour version of Gregg Hughes’ and Anthony Cumia’s show. It’ll air from 6–9 a.m. except in Cleveland, where it’ll be heard in the afternoons.
The pair was fired by CBS (then named Infinity) in 2002 for their infamous “sex in church” broadcast on WNEW, a part of their history omitted from the official CBS/XM press release this week.
The three-hour shared show will originate from WFNY(FM) in New York; an “uncut” version of that will be heard on XM. The hosts then continue to broadcast only on satellite from 9–11 a.m. from their XM studio in New York.
Financial terms were not disclosed. The announcement was made by CBS Radio Chairman/CEO Joel Hollander and XM President/CEO Hugh Panero.