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John Schneider Sees ‘Transmitter Dogs,’ Pigs & Chickens in Mexico

Says Radio World has ‘gone to the dogs’

My “transmitter dog” series got legs, so to speak. There’s lots of interest in this topic.

IBiquity’s John Schneider sent me this photo of a “transmitter” dog in Mexico. (You may also have seen his historical radio photos in Radio World.)

This transmitter dog at a Mexican radio tower site is looking after the next generation. “Hola, perrita, ¿qué haces aquí?” Photo courtesy John Schneider He writes: “I have seen many transmitter dogs — as well as pigs and chickens — on my many trips to transmitter sites in Latin America. Some of the dogs could be classified as ‘junkyard mutts’ — tough-looking creatures that kept unwanted intruders (and snakes) away from the transmitter building.”

He tells me that this dog was one of several living at the tower site of a radio station in Mexico that he saw some four years ago.

“She was obviously hard at work, raising the next generation of guard dogs.”

Have you’ve got a “transmitter dog”? Tell me about him or her at [email protected].