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Journal Broadcast Chooses Cambium Link

Wireless link expected to save money compared to previous leased line link

Until recently Journal Broadcast Group’s radio operations in Omaha, Neb., were living in the Pre-Cambium era. That was until the adoption of Cambium Networks PTP 800 licensed microwave Ethernet STL equipment.

Working with wireless RF contractor and installer Double Radius, Journal Broadcast installed a Cambium Networks PTP800, a Part 101 IP licensed microwave system, to connect their studio to their KEZO(FM) transmission tower.

The installation included redundancy and additional bandwidth for expansion, neither of which had been in the previous STL.

According to a release, the savings compared to the previous leased lines will produce payback over three years. Journal Broadcast is examining installation of similar systems in two other markets and plans to test a TV deployment as well.

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