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Joy FM Puts Rebroadcast Receiver Into Use

RBRX1 is by BW Broadcast

Joy FM is using an RBRX1 from BW Broadcast to help cover its audiences in the North Pacific.

The organization is based in Agana Heights, Guam, and broadcasts to Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Matthew Dodd is general manager.

The manufacturer said Joy FM was among the first users of its RBRX1 rebroadcast receiver, which won a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award this spring. (It adds, “The unit is back in stock after the first and second batch were sold before they were built.”)

The station needed to receive a signal off-air on 91.9 MHz from Guam, some 130 miles away, and rebroadcast it as a backup source for a translator on Saipan; but the unit is the same building as three other transmitters including one at 89.9. The company said this dense RF environment was be a good test for the new unit.