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Jump2Go Highlights New RDS and Tagging Products

One offering provides EAS alerts via RT+

Jump2Go, developer of tagging and RDS products, has several new products.

Top of the list is a system for EAS alerts via RDS RT+. Working with viaRadio, Jump2Go says it developed the system to make EAS messages accessible to consumer devices such as new iPod Nanos.

Also utilizing the RDS-based RTmessenger system, stations can transmit simple Twitter messages related to on-air events such as songs, commercials or promos. The message can even include a link.

CEO/founder Allen Hartle said: “Extending the station brand onto popular technology platforms, and creating more value for radio advertising is our primary goal.”

Jump2Go also has licensed HD Radio song tagging technology from iBiquity.

The new feature will be added to its Radio Tag Plus tagging system.

“It will now be possible from our unified solution to enable RDS Tagging for a diverse number of HD Radio tagging-capable devices in addition to analog FM RDS based iPods and Microsoft Zune,” Hartle said.

“Adding the ability to support HD Radio song tagging is an important step as radio migrates into the digital broadcasting era. It is clear that song tagging continues to be a valuable tool for bringing the radio experience to a new generation of radio listeners.”