Just a Gentle Nudge From SBE

Recertification Service Record helps you keep track
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Engineers are famous for their organizational abilities, attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Ironically, many engineers, when it comes to certain personal things, are quite disorganized and, shall we say, forgetful.

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The Society of Broadcast Engineers is well aware of this phenomenon. To aid engineers who hope to get their SBE Certification renewed, the SBE has updated a handy, downloadable and free brochure (PDF).

Said brochure includes rules, guidelines, regulations, category descriptions for SBE Certification recertification. Also, in a handy chart, the brochure allows the user to keep track of their certification credits — which inevitably get lost if not immediately recorded.


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Are You Ready for the SBE Exam?

Although similar in style and content to actual exam questions, our examples are not from past exams nor will they be on any future exams in this exact form; they are intended to help you prepare.