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Kahn Bashes WOR’s IBOC; Ray Disputes Claims

Kahn Bashes WOR's IBOC; Ray Disputes Claims

Leonard Kahn, who is working on an alternative to AM IBOC technology called Cam-D, says recent nighttime tests between WLW and WOR show that high-power stations would interfere with each other and wipe out some skywave reception if they went digital using HD Radio technology.
In a reply to an opinion piece in Radio World by Buckley Corporate Director of Engineering Tom Ray, Kahn, also known to the industry for his earlier work on AM stereo, states, “WOR 50 kW 710 kHz is pushing the FCC to let it operate at night even though when WOR and WLW(AM), Ohio 50 kW 700 kHz ran their only test at night, they jammed each other 30 miles from their transmitters. They also interfered with innocent stations three channels above and below their channels.”
Ray disputes Kahn’s claims as “pure crap.”
“On what criteria is Mr. Kahn basing his claims?” continued Ray. “During the WOR-WLW overnight tests, WOR had digital coverage to our 1/2mV contour – which, on the skirt of our secondary lobe towards Philly, reached 78 miles to Allentown, Pa., and 95 miles to Philadelphia. This is documented and witnessed by myself. Mr. Kahn was nowhere to be found during these tests.
“What Mr. Kahn isn’t telling people,” Ray said, “is that, during those tests, the WLW skywave signal, with the WOR IBOC carriers off, was getting trashed by skywave interference. It was just as noisy if not noisier with the WOR IBOC carriers off.”
Cam-D, Ray says, does not answer consumer complaint about low audio quality and noise on the AM band, while IBOC does.
Both opinion articles will appear in print in Radio World.