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KBLA(AM) Will Use MDCL Technique

Hopes to save on power bills with Harris transmitter using AMC algorithm

AM station KBLA in Los Angeles is the latest to put the modulation-dependent carrier level approach to work.

Harris Broadcast Communications said the station, owned by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, will turn on a new 3DX-50 transmitter this month. The Spanish-language, 50 kW station airs at 1580 kHz. Harris said the transmitter implements MDCL using Harris Adaptive Carrier Control Plus (ACC+) systems. MDCL helps stations reduce average power consumption and operating costs, its advocates say.

Jim Glogowski is senior vice president and chief technical officer of MRBI. He told Harris the power savings involved should pay for the transmitter “in a very short period of time.”

The MDCL algorithm in use is Amplitude Modulation Companding, or AMC; Harris ACC+ systems also support DCC (Dynamic Carrier Control), another MDCL algorithm.

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