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KCNP(FM) Receives Waiver to Fundraise for Tornado Victims

Media Bureau procedures are to help stations take part in Oklahoma relief efforts

KCNP(FM), Oklahoma City, owned by the Chickasaw Nation, has received the first FCC waiver related to fundraising for Oklahoma tornado victims.

The Media Bureau has waived the rule that generally prohibits noncommercial stations from fundraising for an entity other than themselves; the waiver allows those stations to raise money for the tornado relief efforts. The agency has done this before, following Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina and Sandy, for example.

The waivers typically have been for specific fundraising programs, or for discrete and limited station appeals.

Noncoms interested in applying for a waiver for Oklahoma tornado relief efforts may submit a request to the Audio Division, for radio, or the Video Division, for television. The request should contain the nature of the fundraiser, how long it would last and to what organization the funds will be donated.

The agency would also want to know whether the effort is part of the station’s regular fundraiser.