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KCRW Fires Commentator Over Indecency

KCRW Fires Commentator Over Indecency

Is the indecency stain spreading to noncoms?
According to the Los Angeles Times, KCRW(FM) recently fired a part-time commentator for uttering an obscenity on a prerecorded monologue — and leaving it in to go on the air. Sandra Tsing Loh is an author and actress who has been doing commentary for the station for six years. She told the Times the curse word was a mistake and that she didn’t intend for it go to on-air. She said she told her engineer to remove it.
Station Manager Ruth Seymour was quoted by the Times as stating that the language, which aired twice in one day, violated the station’s policy on language as well as federal broadcast indecency law. The fact that Loh used the word during a taped segment, as opposed to live, made it “much more egregious.”