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KCRW Reverses Indecency Dismissal

KCRW Reverses Indecency Dismissal

Southern California’s KCRW(FM) reversed its decision to fire a part-time commentator for uttering an obscenity on a taped monologue, but Sandra Tsing Loh declined to return to the station. As we reported earlier, Loh is an author, actress, who’s been doing commentary for the station for six years.
KCRW is licensed to Santa Monica College and serves Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
She was fired for leaving in an obscenity on a pre-taped dialogue.
After further investigation, the station reversed itself and invited Loh to return.
“When I made the decision to cancel ‘The Loh Life’ I was not in possession of all the facts regarding this unfortunate incident,” said station manager Ruth Seymour in a statement. “Specifically it had been Sandra’s practice to leave instructions for her engineer to bleep out certain words, and that this practice had never before gone awry.”
Loh had said her engineer left in the obscenity by mistake. In a joint statement with Seymour, Loh said, “I appreciate the station’s willingness to acknowledge that it was wrong to cancel my show as well as its invitation for me to return. And while I do wish KCRW well, I personally don’t think I would be comfortable working there anymore.”
Loh continues as an occasional commentator on Minnesota Public Radio’s Marketplace, carried by about 300 stations.