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KD Kanopy Has Printed Process

KD Kanopy Has Printed Process

KD Kanopy is offering Outlook, a dye sublimation printed process that offers 600 dpi image resolutions across fabric widths from 24 inches to eight feet, and up to 10 feet wide for walk-in enclosures.
The firm uses a 3M ScotchPrinter to image onto a paper inter-negative and to the fabric.
The PartyShade, a tent product, sets up in 30 seconds and is fabricated from zinc-plated steel and new fittings that the company claims add strength and stability.
The company makes multi-purpose, portable canopies, tents and signage products for remotes and station promotions. Fabric items are made of polyester-oxford material that is fire-retardant, water-resistant and treated to resist ultraviolet rays.