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Keep Radio in Uncle Sam’s Arsenal, CUSIB Asks

“Radio is cheap, and unlike Internet users, radio listeners cannot be tracked and monitored”

CUSIB is urging the BBG to “keep radio as part of a multimedia outreach strategy.”

The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting is a nongovernmental advocacy group that supports U.S.-funded media. It often comments publicly in hopes of influencing decisions of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the parent of U.S. international media like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

As RW has reported, BBG has been taking input on its use of shortwave. CUSIB submitted a letter but noted that its comments went beyond just the question of whether to use that transmission method; the letter from Executive Director Ann Noonan asks the organization to “save BBG shortwave and medium wave radio broadcasts to strategic regions of the world.”

“Radio can be the lifeline for poor people in many places in the world where they don’t have access to television, Internet access or electricity. Radio is cheap, and unlike Internet users, radio listeners cannot be tracked and monitored.”

The letter also said BBG should resist “suggestions or requests to cut or eliminate funding from Voice of America and Radio Free Asia’s shortwave radio broadcast services to China and Tibet.”

Read the letter and a summary of other issues of concern to CUSIB. 


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