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Keep Your Sales Force

The book helps managers fight a costly business problem.

Marketing and sales expert Doug McLeod helps managers fight a costly business problem with his 2010 book “The Zero Turnover Sales Force.”

The book, subtitled “How to Maximize Revenue by Keeping Your Sales Force Intact,” is published by AMACOM, the publishing wing of the American Management Association. McLeod’s opinions and articles have appeared occasionally in Radio World.

“While ‘the Zero Turnover Sales Force’ is aimed at any business with a sales force,” he wrote, “everything in it drives straight to the heart of radio’s number one issue: not new media, competition or the environment, but sales force turnover. That transcends format and market size.”

McLeod has experience in marketing, sales and communications including various levels of the sales process, including street-level selling, strategic marketing, sales management and business ownership.

The hardback retails for $24.95 and was available for less via online retailers and in Kindle format recently.